Bard Dad Wisdom #11: Birds and Worms

Late bird gets nothing

They say the early bird catches the worm, but the procrastinating bird ends up with an empty plate. Don’t wait for success to come to you, be an early bird and go get that worm! ???????? #SeizeTheWorm

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Attention, all snooze-button enthusiasts! ???? The early bird may catch the worm, but let me introduce you to the late bird’s secret weapon… coffee! ☕️???? Who needs worms when you can have a perfectly brewed cup of motivation? Rise whenever you please, my fellow late risers, and conquer the day with a caffeinated vengeance! ???????? #LateBirdPower #CoffeeOverWorms

Bard Dad Wisdom

Coffee Over Worms: A Late Bird’s Guide to Conquering the Day!”

Welcome, fellow late risers, to a coffee-fueled journey of laughter and triumph! Today, we’re debunking the myth that the early bird catches the worm. Sure, worms may be nutritious and all, but have you ever tasted a freshly brewed cup of motivation in the morning? Trust me, it’s way better than slimy invertebrates!

Picture this: you, cozy in your nest, gently snoring away as the sun rises. The world outside is bustling with early birds darting around, on a quest for their wormy delicacies. But fear not, my fellow late birds, for we have our secret weapon – coffee! That magical elixir that turns sleepiness into productivity, and grogginess into a caffeinated frenzy.

While the early birds are busy hunting worms, we’re brewing up a storm in our own nests. With each sip of that glorious, life-giving nectar, our energy levels skyrocket, and our creative juices flow like a caffeine-infused river. Who needs worms when you can have a cup of Joe that’s been meticulously roasted, brewed, and served with a side of hilarious late bird banter?

Let’s face it, our late bird nature has its perks. We have the power to hit that snooze button one… two… okay, maybe seven times before finally rising from our cozy haven. And when we do emerge from our slumber, it’s with a rejuvenated spirit and a craving for that liquid motivation.

Sure, the early birds might have their tales of worm-catching prowess, but we late birds have our own tales of triumph. We can conquer the day armed with our witty humor, clever ideas, and a perfectly brewed cup of liquid gold. Who needs worms when we can feast on laughter, creativity, and the occasional indulgence of a well-deserved brunch?

So, my fellow late birds, let’s embrace our unique rhythm, celebrate our love for sleep, and fuel our days with the aromatic magic of coffee. Rise whenever you please, let the world dance to your own late bird beat, and remember, the key to conquering the day is finding your own worm-free path to success. ☕️???? #LateBirdTriumphs #CoffeeOverWorms

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to brew another cup of liquid motivation and enjoy the company of my late bird comrades. Let’s soar to new heights of productivity and laughter, one caffeinated sip at a time! Cheers, my fellow late risers! ????????

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Just a little boy from Ireland, who became a staunch American while raising three boys, creating three companies, and being married for 30 years
Author: Barddad
Just a little boy from Ireland, who became a staunch American while raising three boys, creating three companies, and being married for 30 years